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Exquisite onion soup

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Exquisite onion soup


1 kg onions
glass of beef broth
butter, croutons

To make

Onion soup is a light and flavorful first course. They can eat and satisfy hunger, without much harm to the figure. Preparing is very simple.

  1. The bulbs are cleaned, cut into rings and fried on a few tablespoons of butter under the lid. Fifteen minutes is enough to make it soft.
  2. Then the lid is removed, the fire is increased so that the onion is browned. But you need to monitor its condition – it should not burn. 
  3. Next, pour the broth to the onion, add a little water to taste, after boiling, cook on a quiet fire for twenty minutes.

Such a light soup is served to the table with croutons – they add richness to the dish and perfectly harmonize with the onion aroma.

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  Published: 10/17/2019 6:43 AM

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