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Onion soup

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Onion soup


Follicles acute varieties of large size – 8 PCs
Sweet cream oil cooled – 190 g
Flour – 75 g
Pre-cooked beef (veal) broth – 2 litres
Fresh crispy baguette (white loaf) – 400-600 g
Cheese (prefer variety with noble blue mold) – 400 g
Spices: Provencal herbs in powder, salt and paprika – to your taste

To make

Hot first course prepared in every French family. Tourists can try it in any food institution in France – a restaurant, bistro or roadside cafe. Regardless of the category of institution onion soup will always be perfectly cooked.

If you clearly follow the recipe for this exquisite soup, then it can be perfectly done at home, from the products that are always in the household, even without being a Frenchman.

Method of step-by-step preparation.

In a frying pan that has a thick bottom and a non-stick coating on it, melt the butter with a sweet taste on a very low heat. Put the finely chopped onion in it and cook it for 40 minutes. The color of the onion will change to Golden brown.

Put the onions in the flour. Hinder. Simmer for a few minutes (no more than 5) constantly stirring the onion with flour, so your onion soup will turn out even tastier.

In a small saucepan with a thick bottom pour pre-cooked beef (veal) broth. Boil it. Reduce the heat "slow" and put in it onion not cold, overcooked flour. To stop, doing it slowly so to avoid any lumps. Cook for a quarter of an hour under a lid tightly fitting to the saucepan. Salt, pepper and add the powder of dried Provencal herbs.

Cheese, selected varieties, large grate.

Fresh crisp white baguette cut into medium-sized portions.

In each soup plate put three pieces of baguette. On each of the pieces of bread liberally pour grated cheese.

On top of bread and cheese in plates pour a little soup and eat it immediately.


1. Instead of baguette with freshly grated cheese, it is possible to use pre-cooked wheat crackers with cheese flavor.

2. In the finished soup French Onion add a little (not more than 100 g) of white Martini.

3. A little chopped fresh greens in French onion soup (in a plate) will give it a little piquancy and beauty.

4. On a separate saucer to the soup should be served two slices of fresh lemon.

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  Published: 08/04/2019 5:59 AM

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