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Cheese pancakes with marshmallow

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Cheese pancakes with marshmallow


Aromatic oil any vegetable for frying (on its taste of);
High quality semolina (two tablespoons);
Cottage cheese of the highest fat content (230 g);
Selected raw chicken egg (two pieces);
Finely ground sea salt (to your taste);
Fruit marshmallows, any (one piece);
Sifted high-grade wheat flour (three tablespoons);
Cane sugar fine (one and a half tablespoons);
Baking soda (half a teaspoon);

To make

For some time, marshmallows was considered a refined and quite expensive dessert, which was not ashamed to give on any important occasion, but now this delicate sweetness has become a common delicacy, which is just periodically purchased for tea. 

Some Housewives have also become this airy dessert with fruit or berry flavor and used for the preparation of any baking, as well as filling or original decoration for cakes. 

Some fans of sweets are also added with marshmallows and various fruit salads, which acquire, thanks to this sweetness, a unique taste. 

You can also cook with marshmallows wonderful curd pancakes for Breakfast, which will provide energy and give a good mood to those who start their day with such a dish. 

Pay attention to this recipe is recommended for those who are tired of preparing the standard morning meals, as well as those who want to please your family with original pancakes cottage cheese and marshmallow, which can be prepared for Breakfast. 

For the preparation of cottage cheese pancakes, it is recommended to choose a gentle marshmallow, prepared on the basis of pectin with vanilla or creamy taste, which will not be felt too much.

Through a very fine sieve to grind the most fat cottage cheese, shift it into a deep free container and add the raw chicken eggs, mix everything thoroughly. Further, in the same dish with curd mass, add all the loose components, stir everything again intensively, and the dough, in the end, should turn out to be thick enough. 

Cut the marshmallows into small pieces, put it into the curd dough, then heat the butter in the largest pan with a heavy bottom, spread small portions of the curd-marshmallow mass with a spoon, fry the pancakes until the crust appears on all sides on a quiet fire. Put the prepared pancakes on a plate and serve with sweet sour cream sauce for Breakfast.

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  Published: 08/04/2019 4:52 AM

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