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Homemade Burger

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Homemade Burger


Minced beef 120-150 gr
salt, pepper, oregano, Basil, onion, garlic dry, or any spices to taste
Tomato, onion, pickled cucumber, salad leaves, cheese slices

To make

Today I want to offer you a homemade Burger recipe. We will need beef, we need to calculate by weight about 130-150 grams of ground beef per Burger. Add the egg yolk, oregano, Basil, salt, onion, garlic and black pepper to the minced meat. Spices can be added absolutely any to taste. If you add only salt, pepper and yolk will also be very tasty. Divide the stuffing into three identical burgers. Heat a frying pan and add a little oil for frying. You can use any vegetable, ghee. Crush the cutlet into the pan. The middle can be pressed a little harder. Fry on both sides over medium heat. While the cutlets are frying, send the buns to the toaster. Burgers add a slice of cheese and turn off the stove. Get rolls from toasters and easy to miss mustard, add green leaf, fresh tomato, onion, pickled cucumber. Put on top of the cutlets with cheese, optionally add bacon and cover. This is the most popular and simple recipe.

Good day." Cook with pleasure such burgers and share with friends this recipe.

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  Published: 10/15/2019 9:15 AM

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