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Homemade cutlets

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Homemade cutlets


1.5 kg of meat
200 gr onion
4 garlic cloves
Salt and pepper to taste
250 gr of bread
300 ml of water

To make

I will share with you the recipe of juicy and hearty homemade cutlets. There are a lot of recipes for cutlets, but I want to share my own, which I know for a long time and have not once tried it.

First of all, fill the bread crumb with water. While twisted meat, onions and garlic, the bread will get soggy and at last it will be possible to twist the bread. In turn, twist the meat on the meat grinder onion and garlic. Now without wringing out water from bread to twist it into meat. If you want to get juicy cutlets, do not add an egg to the stuffing. Add here where sea salt, ground pepper and knead forcemeat. After you knead the stuffing he needs to give a little stand to dissolve the salt to mix all the flavors. Before you set it aside to stand a little, you need to knock out the stuffing, so that everything is well connected.

Next, divide the minced meat into equal pieces, you can moisten your hands with water to make it more convenient. After that, give them a round shape and you can breaded cutlets in flour. Pan put on the fire slightly less than average, pour sunflower oil and you can fry the cutlets.

Homemade cutlets are juicy and delicious.

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  Published: 10/23/2019 3:35 AM

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