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Oven-Puffed Pancake

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Oven-Puffed Pancake


½ cup all-purpose flour
½ cup skimmed milk
2 tablespoons granulated sugar
¼ teaspoon salt
1 large egg
1 large egg white
1 tablespoon butter
Powdered sugar (optional)

To make

According to one online reviewer, this breakfast dish is "Delicious! I sprinkled strawberries and whipped cream on the pancakes - they tasted very decadent. My family ate every last delicious morsel!"
Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.Lightly spoon the flour into a dry measuring cup; smooth with a knife. Combine the flour and the following 5 ingredients (flour and egg white); mix until smooth.Melt the butter in a 10-inch-diameter cast-iron skillet over medium-high heat. Pour the batter onto the pan; cook for 1 minute (do not stir). Bake at 425 ° C for 18 minutes or until golden brown. If desired, sprinkle with powdered sugar. Cut into quarters; serve immediately.
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  Published: 11/20/2023 7:55 PM

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