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Pink salmon in batter

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Pink salmon in batter


Pink salmon - 1 PC
Lemon juice - one tablespoon
Sour cream 250-300 gr
1 egg
Sugar to taste
A pinch of baking powder

To make

If you want to cook a dish of fish, I suggest to cook pink salmon in batter, it does not take much time and get a very tasty dish.

It is necessary to defrost the pink salmon in advance, then separate the fillet from the bones and skin. Once we have prepared the fillet, you need to cut into portions, their thickness should be about 3 cm.

Then we have to marinate it for a few hours in a lemon marinade. For its preparation it is necessary to mix lemon juice, and also there to put salt and pepper. While fish is marinating, you need to make the batter. In sour cream, add the eggs, beat well, to taste, put salt and sugar, as well as baking powder. Then add the flour and knead the dough, its consistency should be in the form of thick sour cream. Dip each piece of fish in batter and fry them in a pan with oil.

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  Published: 08/04/2019 5:16 AM

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