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Duck in beer with glazed apples

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Duck in beer with glazed apples


Pink and black ground peppers (a little);
Duck breast (two pieces);
Sour large Apple (one piece);
Iodized salt, finely ground (at its discretion);
Flower honey (two tablespoons);
Sprigs of fresh rosemary (five pieces);
High quality light beer (one bottle);
Balsamic vinegar (two tablespoons);
Cognac is good exposure (to your taste);
Quince large (one piece);
Unsalted butter (two tablespoons);
Large sweet apples for a side dish (three pieces).

To make

Duck will taste more fragrant and very tender if you cook it on a light beer, and serve this dish is recommended with glazed apples and red cabbage stew. 

To begin to flush both duck Breasts, then RUB them with a mixture of two kinds of pepper and salt on all sides, place in a bowl of refractory material. On top of the duck breast lay out fresh sprigs of rosemary, then cut into slices of apples and ripe quince, removing their seeds previously.

Put the slices of juicy fruit on the duck breast evenly, then pour the whole composition with light beer, put the poultry meat in the oven and bake for forty minutes. 

Now you need to prepare a side dish in the form of glazed apples, and for this in the pan to melt the required amount of butter, as soon as it becomes liquid, pour honey and mix.

Have sweet apples, you need to remove the seeds, then the fruit cut into small pieces and on high heat fry the honey-oil mixture.

Further, in the pan with the apples, pour the balsamic vinegar and brandy, stir and continue frying process is already on low heat until until you evaporate all the alcohol completely. Sprinkle the cooked glazed apples with pepper and serve with baked duck and beer.

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  Published: 08/04/2019 4:45 AM

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