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The chicken in the oven

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The chicken in the oven


Whole chicken medium size
One lemon
Three cloves of garlic
Small piece of smoked pork
0.05 kg butter
Coarse salt
Some green dill

To make

How to bake a chicken in the oven, so it came out incredibly juicy and unmatched flavor? Very simply. Today we will learn how to do it without extra time.

Let's start cooking chicken. To do this, clean the garlic from the husk and grind it with a conventional knife or a special device for grinding garlic. After that, grate the lemon zest on a grater (small), and finely chop dill with a knife. Mix together the greens, garlic and zest, add salt (based on the whole chicken). Half of the mixture will RUB the chicken inside and out, do it slowly and carefully. Inside the chicken, put a couple of thin slices of lemon, so the chicken will be much softer.

Cut the smoked pork very finely into cubes and RUB them with butter. Smoked pork is used for a reason, it will give the chicken meat a divine flavor. Stir the butter and pork with the remaining mixture. This mass should be carefully placed under the skin of the chicken on the breast and legs (for this you need to make shallow cuts on the skin of the bird). Now all that's left is to bake the chicken in the oven. To do this, we need a baking sheet. It should be lubricated with oil (vegetable). Due to this filling chicken will be very juicy.

Bake meat is at a temperature of two hundred to one hundred and eighty degrees. Baking time is individual for each chicken. You will understand that it is ready for a Golden appetizing crust. After the end of the cooking period, leave the chicken to stand in a closed oven for half an hour. Then the chicken will be ready.

Bon appetit and culinary masterpieces to you.

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  Published: 08/04/2019 5:55 AM

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