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Chicken chops in batter

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Chicken chops in batter

Tender chicken in a delicious batter is a great dinner for the whole family. It's not too high in calories for mom. Useful and dietary, which is suitable for children. And incredibly tasty. Dad will appreciate that! Moreover, chicken chops are cooked in a few minutes and save time of a modern working mother. 

Ingredients for the preparation of a masterpiece simple, there are in every refrigerator and will not hit the pocket. Moreover, the chicken accepts any garnish, be it vegetables, rice, pasta, potatoes or any cereals. And you can even eat a sandwich with a chop.

Cooking time 30 minutes

• The calorie content of 1 serving: Kcal 258,47

• Proteins: 23 g

• Fat: 13.09 g

• Carbohydrates: 10.46 g


To please the family delicious chops, you will need:

• Chicken fillet — 500 gr;

• Flour — 3 tbsp;

• Egg — 2 PCs;

• Chicken seasoning — 2 tsp;

• Salt — to taste.

Step by step recipe:

Chicken fillet thoroughly washed, cut off excess fat and remove cartilage. We try not to damage the fabric, so that the chops turned out smooth and beautiful. Cut each half of the fillet into 6 parts. 

Proceed to the beating of meat. The chicken has a very delicate structure, so touching the hammer should be soft and neat, otherwise the chop will turn into porridge. It is better to use plastic wrap and beat the meat through it. Then the layer will be uniform, and the fibers will remain intact.

The meat is ready. You can make the batter. To do this, in any convenient container break 2 eggs, add spices for chicken and salt. All thoroughly mix. You can add pepper or additional herbs to taste. But often the complex seasoning already contains all the necessary ingredients, and a second portion will harm the dish.

Pour the flour into the beaten eggs, mix gently. It turns thick dough. To complete the process, you need to add ordinary water. Stirring pour it in a small stream. If the lumps still remain, it's okay. When frying, they will dissolve themselves. The consistency of the batter should resemble a thick sour cream.

Put the pan on medium heat, pour vegetable oil, warm it up. Fry the chicken, pre-dipping it in batter, with 2 sides. With each on 3-5 minutes.

Куриные отбивные в кляре

Куриные отбивные в кляре

Куриные отбивные в кляре

Куриные отбивные в кляре

Куриные отбивные в кляре

Куриные отбивные в кляре

Delicious chicken chops are ready!

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  Published: 08/04/2019 4:28 AM

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