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Chicken salad with bell pepper and cheese sauce

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Chicken salad with bell pepper and cheese sauce


Curry crushed (to your taste);
Processed cheese (two small briquettes);
Crushed sweet paprika (to your taste);
Large chicken fillet (one piece);
Shredded turmeric (to your taste);
Juicy tomato big (two pieces);
Green onions (one small bunch);
Bell pepper (two pieces);
Sprigs of fresh parsley (eight pieces);
Large pitted olives (fourteen pieces);
Finely ground rock salt (to your taste);
Garlic peeled large (three prongs).

To make

Chicken salad can be prepared with Bulgarian pepper and cheese sauce, the dish is very spectacular and unusual, so it can be used even as a snack. 

Chicken fillet wash in advance, then put in a pan and boil, then cook the cheese sauce, but first you need to freeze the processed cheese, so they are much easier to grate. 

Prepare dishes made of refractory material, pour all the seasonings that were mentioned earlier, grate coarsely all the processed cheese and send it to the same dish, then put the container on the stove and heat the components over medium heat for a few minutes before melting the grated cheese mass. 

Slices cut olives, chop very finely all the greens, thoroughly washed, put these products temporarily in a bowl. Dice juicy tomatoes, as well as pre-boiled chicken fillet, and put these ingredients in a bowl, pour the cheese sauce and mix well. Now it is necessary to cut sweet peppers into halves across, remove all the fruits from the core, then fill these "containers" with equal portions of salad with cheese sauce, and then serve such a snack on a platter to the table.

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  Published: 08/04/2019 4:54 AM

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