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Salad with canned salmon

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Salad with canned salmon


1 can of salmon in its own juice
2 small carrots
1 onion
2 medium-sized potatoes
3 eggs
Salt, mayonnaise

To make

Why not prepare a layered salmon salad for the holiday?

Remove the salmon pieces from the open tin, separate the bones from the flesh. Suppress the fillet with a fork.

Boil the eggs, RUB the yolk finely, and RUB the protein into another container coarsely.

Peeled potatoes and carrots boil in one container, cool. Grate in different bowls on a medium grater, add salt. Finely chop the onion.

Divide the prepared products in half. Put the salad layers in the following order: carrots, potatoes, salmon, onions. Repeat this sequence again.

Grease the top of the salad with mayonnaise. Half of the surface decorating proteins, the other with yolks.

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  Published: 10/17/2019 6:32 AM

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