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Daikon salad

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Daikon salad


Daikon radish – 1 piece
Bulb – 1 piece
Green beans – 100 grams
Carrot – 2 PCs
Boiled shrimp – 100 grams
Powdered sugar – 3 teaspoons
Rice vinegar – 4 large spoons
Salt and sesame seeds one tablespoon each

To make

Preparation of daikon salad: the Daikon is washed, peeled, cut into pieces and chopped with a thin straw. Carrots are peeled and chopped. After that, the vegetables should be salted, mix well and leave for half an hour. After 30 minutes, the vegetables are shifted to a colander to excess liquid glass. Green beans should be boiled in salt water. The finished beans are added to the vegetables along with the chopped onion. In a separate Cup, the powdered sugar is combined with rice vinegar and thoroughly mixed until the powder dissolves. The finished mixture is watered vegetables. Ready delicious salad with daikon before serving is divided into portions and decorated with shrimp and sesame seeds.

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  Published: 08/04/2019 5:36 AM

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