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Salad with ham, cheese and sweet pepper

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Salad with ham, cheese and sweet pepper


400 gr. ham or smoked meat
200 gr. hard cheese
200 gr. sweet pepper
150 gr. mayonnaise's
2 tsp mustard
Salt, parsley to taste

To make

I want to share with you the recipe of salad with ham, cheese and pepper. Ingredients here of course a little, but it turns out very tasty. This is one of those salads that caught on at home and that we cook for all the holidays.

Cut cheese, ham, pepper into strips. Finely chop the parsley, mix it all and stir until without dressing. Then mix the mayonnaise with mustard, season the salad and mix well. Salad is preparing very quickly. Food on it will take a little, but it is very tasty. So if you want something new then try, prepare this salad, you will not regret it. After filling give it a brew and you can bring to the table.

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  Published: 10/23/2019 6:40 AM

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