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Cutlets with buckwheat

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Cutlets with buckwheat


1 kg. meat (pork or can be pork + beef 50/50)
100 gr. pommel
20 gr. garlic's
1 egg
Spices and salt to taste
150 gr. buckwheats
vegetable oil for frying
100 gr. breadcrumbs for breading

To make

Buckwheat is soft and juicy cutlets with buckwheat. This recipe is economical, and the cutlets are very tasty, so they can be cooked often.

First of all, buckwheat should be cooked. Rinse the buckwheat and pour into a saucepan. Add here 2 Bada cold water, of salt and send on the fire (the fire should be slightly less average).

While the porridge is cooked, you can prepare minced meat. Meat onion and garlic scroll through a meat grinder.

When the porridge begins to boil, switch the heat to the smallest and collect the foam that formed in the pan. Cover and cook over the lowest heat until all the water has evaporated, about 20 minutes. Of course you need to check that the porridge is not burnt.

In the minced meat, add the egg, ground black pepper, ground coriander and salt. Of course add seasonings according to your taste. After that, add the boiled buckwheat, it should be completely cooled and knead the minced meat. Now when the stuffing is mixed until smooth, divide it into three parts and knock out. The stuffing is ready, now it remains to divide into portions. Divide into portions depending on what kind of cutlets you want to get, large or small. Next, the cutlets need to be shaped, round or oval, which you prefer.

Now you need to brew the buckwheat in breadcrumbs and start frying. Fry them in vegetable oil, on fire less than average, about 2.5 minutes on each side. But the cooking time of course depends on the size of your buckwheat, the larger, the longer they will be fried.

Buckwheat is soft, juicy and very tasty.  You can serve them as a meat dish with any garnish or as an independent garnish with a salad.

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  Published: 10/21/2019 5:52 AM

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