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Aioli sauce recipe

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Aioli sauce recipe


Chilled drinking water (two tablespoons);
The largest garlic cloves, peeled (seven pieces);
Salt, finely ground (a little);
Raw yolk (one piece);
Juice (from one lemon);
Unsalted butter (280 g);

To make

Traditionally, the recipe for Aioli sauce consists of two mandatory components, such as garlic cloves in a certain amount and olive oil of the best quality. 

Modern cooks very often change the composition of this universal sauce, Supplement it with, for example, freshly squeezed lemon juice, raw yolk, fresh and juicy pear (Catalan version) or sweet mustard. 

In Malta, the locals have their own version of the preparation of this sauce with juicy tomatoes and crumbs from unsweetened biscuits. 

Aioli sauce is prepared quite simply, but its peculiarity is that it is necessary to apply a good olive oil. 

Below is the recipe for the classic Aioli sauce with chicken yolk.

Purified garlic cloves put in a mortar, there also add the required amount of rock salt and grind these components to form a homogeneous mass. Pour the garlic mass into a small bowl, add the raw egg yolk, pour in the required amount of high-quality olive oil, then beat everything with a mixer.

In the process of whipping, add the necessary amount of chilled water and fresh lemon juice to the garlic-oil mass. Continue to whisk the mixture until it is completely homogeneous and will not resemble the density of a thick homemade sour cream. This Aioli sauce should be served with baked dishes or with chops cooked in a frying pan.

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  Published: 08/04/2019 4:40 AM

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