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Blancmange cottage cheese

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Blancmange cottage cheese


Half a glass of milk
Sachet of vanillin
Fifteen grams of gelatin
0.25 kg of cottage cheese with a large percentage of fat
Half a Cup of sour cream
Half a Cup of sugar powder
Two large pieces of fresh or canned pineapple (replace pineapple with ripe peach or kiwi if desired)

To make

Today we will cook a very tasty and delicate dessert of cottage cheese - "Blancmange". The advantage of this dessert is the fact that it is prepared without baking in the oven, and it saves you time. 

Now go directly to the recipe for cottage cheese blancmange. In the milk at room temperature, pour a bag of gelatin, stir and leave it to swell for thirty minutes. In a deep container, mix together sour cream, cottage cheese, vanilla and powder – beat them with a blender in a high foam. Cut pineapple rings into cubes (about one centimeter long). Heat milk with gelatin over low heat, but do not bring to a boil so that gelatin does not lose its jelly properties. Slowly and carefully enter the gelatin into the mass of cottage cheese, while constantly stirring the whole composition. After that, carefully enter the same pieces of pineapple. Shift the curd mass in the form (if it is curly – just fine, this blancmange will look very appetizing and beautiful) and send it to the refrigerator for solidification. This process takes about four hours. To remove the dessert from the mold without consequences, dip the bottom of the mold in very hot water for five seconds. After that, the whole mass will easily move away from the walls of the form – just turn it upside down and cottage cheese blancmange will be ready.

Enjoy your appetite and culinary masterpieces.

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  Published: 08/04/2019 5:05 AM

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