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Cake honey cake

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Cake honey cake


2 tablespoons honey
2 eggs
425 gr. butter
1 tbsp. (200 ml.) sugar
Wheat flour 3 tbsp. (200 ml.)
Baking powder 1 tea. spoon
Boiled condensed milk 400 gr.

To make

You get a very tasty classic cake honey cake, if you cook it according to this recipe.

Make a water bath and melt it in pre-cooked butter. Then you need to add honey and pour the sugar. Next, heat this mixture until then, until it becomes homogeneous and is not smelling good. Now you need to pour the baking powder and stirring to wait until the resulting mixture turns white. (Please note that it will increase in volume, so I advise you to take a bigger pan).  Remove from heat and cool. Now split into the vessel with the mixture one egg, involving everything with a whisk. Next, you need to knead the tender dough. Divide it into 6-8 parts (these parts will be cakes), as you will be more convenient. Put each layer on the form and smooth with your fingers, because the dough will be very soft. Each cake should be baked no more than ten minutes.

While the cakes will be prepared, we can begin to prepare cream for cake honey cake. The cream is prepared very simply. Just whisk the boiled condensed milk with butter until smooth. Next, you need to coat each cake with the resulting cream and lay on top of each other. Crumbs, which will remain after baking and processing cakes can decorate the top of the cake.

That's all, your cake honey cake will be ready.

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  Published: 08/04/2019 5:41 AM

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