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Napoleon Cake

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Napoleon Cake


For the dough:
250 gr plums.oils
150ml water
350 gr of flour
1/4 h spoon salt
1 tablespoon vinegar 9%
The oil should be cold, you can put it in the freezer for a while
For the cream:
400ml milk
200 grams of sugar
2 eggs
40 grams of starch(2 tablespoons with a slide)
180 gr oil
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar

To make

Grate the frozen butter into flour. And grind it all into crumbs, do it with a knife or whatever it is convenient for you, but not with your hands, because you will warm the oil and you will not get puff pastry. Add 1/4 teaspoon of salt.

Heat the oven to 220 degrees.

In 150 ml of cold water, add a tablespoon of vinegar. Pour this into the flour and butter and knead the dough.

Divide this dough into 8 equal pieces and round each piece. Put them on a plate, cover with foil or a bag and send to the refrigerator. The dough should harden, harden and then it can be rolled out.

While the dough hardens, prepare the custard base for the cream.

In plate mix 200 gr sugar, 2 St phytosterols starch, 2 eggs and randomize all of this in homogeneous mass of and add milk. All this pour into a saucepan and send on a small fire. Constantly stirring bring this mixture to a boil and remove from the stove. Pour the cream into a bowl and add 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar. Cover tightly with cling film and refrigerate until cool.

When the dough is cool, roll out the cake from one piece and pierce with a fork. For 2-3 minutes before the previous cake is baked, roll out the next one. Trim each cake in the form of a circle.

With a mixer, beat 180 grams of oil until fluffy and add cold cream.

Before you layer the cakes with cream, make sure that they are completely cooled down.

With your fingers, chop the trimmings from the cakes into crumbs.

Layer the cakes with cream, grease the sides and the remaining cream to lubricate the top of the cake. Pour the crumbs on the cake and smooth on the sides and on the top.

Put the cake in a cool place, he needs to infuse and soak the cream.

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  Published: 10/14/2019 7:28 AM

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