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Charlotte cream

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Charlotte cream


1 egg
200 grams of sugar
150ml milk
250 g butter

To make

Today I want to share with you the recipe of Charlotte cream. You all know it is a delicious cream and it is widely used in confectionery.

Take the dishes preferably with a deep bottom in which we will prepare the cream. Pour the egg there, stir it well, add milk to better stir the egg, then pour out all the sugar, mix it all until smooth and put on a small fire stirring bring it to a boil. After the cream boils cook it to the consistency of condensed milk, it should thicken, it will take 2-3 minutes.

Further, when the obtained the desired result is to pour the mixture into a bowl and wait when it thickens even more and allow to cool completely.

Beat the butter until fluffy and add a little to the custard part of the cream. At the end of whipping add a tablespoon of vanilla.

On this cream Charlotte is ready, it can be used both for sandwiching cakes and for their decoration, for the preparation of cakes and biscuit rolls, etc.

Prepare it for such an easy recipe and you will always get it, and you will please your family with a delicious and beautiful cake.

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  Published: 10/06/2019 8:02 AM

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