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Poppy seed cake

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Poppy seed cake


100 gr. poppy's
150 gr. butter
200 gr. sorrow
200 gr. the sahara
3 eggs
1 teaspoon baking powder
30g nut crumbs or almond flakes
Powdered sugar

To make

I will share with you a recipe for a delicious cake with poppy seeds which is prepared very quickly. It is simple to prepare and consists of affordable products. The cake really turns out very tasty.

To start, immediately turn on the oven at a temperature of 180°C, as the dough is prepared quickly.

In a bowl, pour 3 eggs, add a pinch of salt and beat with a mixer until fluffy. Continuing whipping add sugar and whisk until it dissolves. Next, add to the poppy seeds and mix everything carefully. The butter should be melted, cool and add to batter, stirring so that it does not have time to settle to the bottom. Mix the flour with the baking powder, add to the dough and knead it. Pour the dough into a baking dish and smooth over the entire form. After that, sprinkle the cake with nut crumbs and send it to the oven. It will bake for about 40 minutes at 180°C. After baking, let it cool completely and decorate with powdered sugar.

Be sure to cook such a cake, I'm sure that you and your family will like it. All the more, that is preparing he quickly and not difficult. Everyone can cook it.

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  Published: 10/21/2019 2:09 PM

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