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Pecan Divinity Cake

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Pecan Divinity Cake


Divine glaze
Sour cream cake layers (in round 8-inch bakeware)
Toasted pecan halves (optional)
Divine candies (optional)
Candied maraschino cherries and mint sprigs (optional)
Small candy sticks (optional)

To make

Enjoy this cake on the day it's made; the Divinity icing won't last long.
Spread approximately 1/2 cup of Divinity frosting between each layer of cake, and spread the remaining Divinity frosting on top and sides of the cake.If desired, place toasted pecan halves and Divinity candies on top of the cake. If desired, arrange the candied maraschino cherries, mint sprigs, and lollipops around the bottom edge of the cake. Store at room temperature.
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  Published: 11/20/2023 7:55 PM

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