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Diet chicken with green vegetables

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Diet chicken with green vegetables


Not very spicy mustard dining room (one teaspoon);
Medium-sized chicken fillet (one piece);
High-quality sour cream of medium fat content (one and a half tablespoons);
Spicy dried herbs crushed any (to your taste);
Fresh broccoli (240 g);
Finely ground pink pepper (to your taste);
Fresh spinach (one not very big bunch);
Rock salt of fine grinding (to your taste);
Green beans fresh or frozen (250 g).

To make

If you decide to resort to a diet, this recipe diet chicken with green vegetables will be useful for you. Diets are periodically used by almost all women who seek to solve certain problems with the help of dietary nutrition. Moreover, diets are not always used to get rid of excess weight, in some cases, women choose for themselves a diet to improve the condition of the skin or hair. 

Some diets have powerful medicinal properties, and resort to them in the off-season, when the body lacks any important substances. 

For such diets it is very important to make the right menu, where you want to include the most useful dishes. 

So, for example, in the diet treatment menu, you can include a dish of low-calorie chicken with green vegetables, which will saturate the body with b vitamins and proteins. It should be noted that green vegetables contain a large amount of coarse fiber, which provides a rapid sense of saturation, accelerates metabolism, helps to eliminate toxins and significantly reduces cholesterol levels in the body. This dish is also recommended for men who go to the gym all the time and dream of building muscle mass, as chicken meat contains substances that are very useful to muscles. 

To start, rinse chicken in a large amount of cold water. Next, you should dry the meat, cut off the fat and skin, if available, then cut the flesh is not too large pieces. 

Prepare a pan with a thick bottom, put the sliced chicken fillet in it, then add the green beans, all washed sliced spinach, and broccoli cabbage, which must first be disassembled into separate inflorescences. 

Then, in the same utensils to add a bit of pink pepper to taste pour the salt, to put not too spicy mustard tablespoon, mix all, pour in some filtered water. Close the pan lid, then for ten minutes to simmer all the ingredients, mix and continue the process of extinguishing chicken fillet with green vegetables for another ten minutes.

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  Published: 08/04/2019 4:50 AM

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