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Salad Ladies fantasy

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Salad Ladies fantasy


5 boiled eggs
200 gr hard cheese
400 gr boiled-smoked breast
1 jar (400 gr) of pitted black olives
1 jar (565 gr) pineapple rings
Greens for decoration

To make

I want to offer you a recipe for one of my favorite salads. This salad with chicken and pineapple is called Ladies ' whim. In my opinion, if a woman tries this salad, it becomes her favorite salad.

Cut all products into small cubes not small and not large. Olives and pineapple pass through a sieve to glass excess liquid. If you for any reason do not like olives, the salad can be prepared without them just by removing them from the recipe. For decoration, you can leave a little pineapple and olives. When all the products are cut, add mayonnaise, salt to taste and mix. This salad can be decorated with lettuce, dill, green onions, pineapples and olives.

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  Published: 10/25/2019 5:56 AM

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