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Salad with cellophane noodles and shrimp

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Salad with cellophane noodles and shrimp


High quality liquid flower honey (five tablespoons);
Cellophane noodles (120 g);
Fresh lemon juice (eight tablespoons);
Peeled cocktail shrimp (160 g);
Sesame oil (five tablespoons);
Daikon the most juicy (320 g);
Sweet soy sauce (eight tablespoons);
Chinese cabbage (half of the head);
Large peeled garlic cloves (two pieces);
Red bell pepper (two pieces).

To make

To diversify the usual menu will help salad recipe, cooked with cellophane noodles and cocktail shrimp. 

Five minutes in very hot boiled water soak cellophane noodles, then peeled daikon radish cut into thin strips, chop finely red bell pepper and rinsed the cabbage.

In a colander after five minutes, discard cellophane noodles, then wash it separately in cool filtered water and leave until then, until the glass noodles don't dry out. 

Then cellophane noodles cut larger to shift together with chopped vegetables in a glass bowl, add the peeled boiled large shrimp.

After that, combine in another bowl garlic, soy sauce, and flower honey, sesame oil and lemon juice, freshly squeezed, then mix thoroughly and leave for five minutes under the film to mix a little infused. Prepared dressing pour salad with cellophane noodles and serve it to the table.

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  Published: 08/04/2019 4:48 AM

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