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Salmon roll

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Salmon roll


Salmon (slightly salted) – 300 grams.
Pickles – 1 half-liter jar.
Mayonnaise – 100 grams.
Parsley - a large number.
Lavash (Armenian) – 1 piece.

To make

Since ancient times, fish dishes have been considered important for the diet of people. These customs have survived to the present day. A huge number of fish dishes are available in every national cuisine. In my article I would like to write a recipe for one of the awesome snacks, namely - the recipe for making a roll with salmon. It is quite simple and does not require large investments. All ingredients are sold at an affordable price in any grocery store.

To start the salmon cut into very small pieces. First, cut it along, then, at a slight angle, cut it across. The most important thing is to get the bones out of the fish. Then finely chop the parsley on the Board. We shift it to the plate. After we start to cut our cucumbers. In the volume it should turn out that salmon and cucumbers get about the same amount, and parsley a little smaller. 

Take the pita bread. Unfolding it carefully about mayonnaise on one side. After we have lubricated one side, add the pita bread in half. We leave our lavash for about 5 minutes to soak in mayonnaise. 

At the end of time, open our pita bread and spread it on salmon, cucumbers and parsley. Then wrap the pita bread in a roll. The resulting roll is wrapped in turn in plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes to infuse.

After the passage of time, remove the roll from the refrigerator. It is necessary to remove the film from it and cut.

Salmon roll ready. Dinner is served!

Bon appetit!

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  Published: 08/04/2019 4:42 AM

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