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Tortilla simple recipe

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Tortilla simple recipe


Flour (maize or millet) (500 gr.)
Baking powder or baking powder (1 Teaspoon);
Salt (4 Teaspoon);
Oil (grows. or cream) (100 gr.);
Drinking water (300 ml.).

To make

Mexico is a country that has beautiful lands and many attractions. It is located in the South of North America. Mexico is a country that contains a huge number of culinary traditions. In its cooking there are traditions of Spaniards and Aztecs.

Tortilla looks like a pita. It is made of maize or wheat base. It is part of the traditional Mexican cuisine. Tortillas are used in the preparation of pies, rolls, sandwiches, as well as local dishes. They can be eaten both baked and fried. Tortilla is considered the "bread of Mexico".

Preparation instructions:

You need to take a bowl, cover with flour, add baking powder, table salt. Then mix the added ingredients;

In the resulting slurry add vegetable oil or cream;

The dough should be rubbed with your hands until crumbs are formed;

In the resulting mass, add warm water, then slowly mix the dough (with your hands, to become flexible);

Divide the dough into balls, place on a kitchen Board, cover with a napkin. Leave for half an hour;

Sprinkle the kitchen Board with flour and roll out each of the balls, so that after they take the form of a loose pancake (15-20 cm in diameter);

Put the pan on the tile (without oil). When it is hot, you need to put a pancake, fry on each side (for forty to sixty seconds.). Next, put the pancake on a kitchen napkin and cover so that it does not harden;

Tortilla should be served while it is warm.

From the history of tortillas:

It is known that the tortilla also bears the name of the Spanish omelet. And they don't seem to have anything in common. But it's not. Tortilla was made even when the Spanish conquistadors stopped on the lands of America. "Mexican bread" reminded newcomers from Spain national dish their countries. After that, the Mexican tortilla is called.

According to the traditional recipe, the tortilla should be baked with their corn flour. But today there are wheat tortillas.

Tortilla recipe today is known not only in Mexico but all over the world. They can be found in the menu of restaurants and cafes.

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  Published: 08/04/2019 6:03 AM

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