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Watermelon Bellinis

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Watermelon Bellinis


3 cups diced frozen pitted watermelon
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
3 cups chilled prosecco or other sparkling wine, divided
Sliced lemon zest (optional)

To make

This drink is the highlight of the classic Bellini, a post-war cocktail of white peach puree and champagne, first made at Harry's Bar in Venice. Freezing the watermelon before turning it into a puree gives the drink a slightly mushy consistency. If you prefer a smoother texture, just chill the watermelon. Serve in champagne glasses.
Combine watermelon, 2 tablespoons sugar, juice, and 1 cup wine in a blender; whisk until smooth. Pour about 1/3 cup of the watermelon mixture into each of the 8 glasses. Pour 1/4 cup of the remaining wine into each glass. Garnish with lemon zest if desired. Serve immediately.
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  Published: 11/20/2023 7:51 PM

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