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Adjika with garlic

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Adjika with garlic


Tomatoes 2 kg.
Red bell pepper 1 kg.
2 PCs large green apples
Onion 300-350 gr.
Hot red pepper 200 gr.
Garlic 200 gr.
Sugar 100 gr.
120ml vinegar 6%
Salt to taste
3.8-4.0 liters of adzhika

To make

The sauce for this recipe turns out very tasty. With hot pepper, remove only the stalk, and the seeds can be left. To sauce add 2 green apples (peel the green apples should be removed before you grind). All ingredients twist on a meat grinder. If you want the adjika to be without pieces, more uniform, uniform, then use the smallest lattice. But you can also use the middle grid, that is, according to your taste. When all the ingredients are twisted into a saucepan add salt, sugar and vinegar. Put the sauce on the stove and cook until tender. In the process of cooking, adjika often needs to be stirred, as the vegetables constantly sink to the bottom. After about 30 minutes adjika will be ready. If you want it to be even thicker add extra cooking time. It is recommended to cook with the lid open over medium heat. Adjika mix and pour into sterilized jars. This sauce is good because it keep it may be even at room temperature.

Cook with pleasure and all the best to you.

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  Published: 10/15/2019 9:07 AM

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