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Apple drink

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Apple drink


Filtered water (two liters)
The apples are large and very sweet (four pieces)
Fresh lemon juice (one and a half teaspoons)
Purple or green Basil (three large branches)
Sugar cane (120 g)
Fresh, aromatic mint (five branches)

To make

In summer, the days are so hot that you do not want to eat anything at all, but there is an irresistible desire to drink some refreshing drink, in this case you will go Apple drink . Naturally, many people are very easy to solve this problem, they go to the nearest store and buy some soda. However, carbonated store drinks are harmful, they contain a large percentage of artificial substances. In addition, the composition of soda includes a large amount of sugar, which causes even more thirst. 

It is better to abandon the harmful sweet soda and prepare yourself a useful soft drink, for example, from apples with fresh herbs.

To prepare a useful soft Apple drink you will need any apples, but the best option can be very sweet and brightly colored fruits. Wash all the fragrant herbs and fruits, and apples must be pre-cut into arbitrary pieces, mint and fragrant herbs pick hands. Put the fruit and chopped herbs in a large saucepan with a thick bottom, pour in the required amount of filtered water, put the dishes on medium heat and wait for the moment when the contents boil. After that, continue the cooking process for another fifteen minutes, only at the end of cooking in the drink you can add additional sugar cane, mix and immediately remove the dishes from the stove. Add in some Apple drink quite a bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice, and, the number can be increased at will. Cover close the dishes with a fragrant soft drink, infuse it for thirty minutes, as soon as it cools down, it can be served to the table, pre-filtered. 

On this and will ready your Apple drink.

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  Published: 08/04/2019 5:30 AM

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