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Baked apples with honey

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Baked apples with honey


Nuts or berries

To make

Two more recipes for autumn apples: baked apples with honey. To honey you can add something tasty, learn about it below. 

Preparation of the first option:

Initially, you need to wash the apples (of course) and clean their core without cutting. You can act with a knife and a spoon or use a special sharp spoon for this activity. And you can use a potato knife.

The first method of cooking baked apples is as follows. It is necessary to put in this hole a little crushed nuts — about two-thirds. And lay a slice of honey or pour a bit of honey. Depending on the degree of its clogging. All forward to the plate to bake on a baking sheet.

Preparation of the second option, with honey:

Baked honey nut according to the second embodiment are much more complicated. It is only necessary to replace the nuts, berries, anything. Raspberries or cranberries are perfect. Top honey and carry bake.

Offer to combine on the baking sheet in the oven both of these options baked apples with honey.

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  Published: 08/04/2019 5:25 AM

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