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- For the preparation of dark dough -
0,125 kg of margarine
Two table spoons of cocoa
Teaspoon of soda
One and a half cups flour
Half a Cup of sugar
- For the preparation of light dough -
Four chicken egg yolk
Half a Cup of sugar
125 grams of margarine
Teaspoon of soda
One and a half cups flour
0,1 kg of sour cream
Two tablespoons of butter
- To prepare the filling we need -
Two bananas
0,1 kg of cottage cheese
Glass of sour cream
Half a Cup of sugar
- For cream -
0.1 kg of powdered sugar
Four chicken proteins

To make

Today we will cook a delicious banana cake. It will consist of two cakes (dark and light color), filling and cream. 

Let's move on to the recipe for banana cake. The first step is to prepare a light and dark dough. To perform this action, mix together all the ingredients for the dough and mix them carefully with each other. Keep in mind that the dark dough should turn out to be steeper than the light one. From dark dough bake cake (just do not make it too thick). And from the light dough form long sticks, which correspond to the size of the dark cake and bake them in the oven.

Bananas extract from the peel and beat them with a dip blender with cottage cheese. Separately, beat the sour cream with sugar in a rather lush foam, combine it with bananas and cottage cheese. The resulting filling put on a slightly cooled dark cake.

Chicken proteins shake in the foam, while gradually add to it the powder. Now we need to cut the light sticks of dough about five centimeters. Dip them in the cream and spread on the filling in the form of a lattice. On top you can decorate our banana cake with a small amount of nuts.

Bon appetit and culinary masterpieces to you.

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  Published: 08/03/2019 4:08 AM

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