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Cheese omelet

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Cheese omelet


2 eggs
1 tbsp sour cream or 2 tbsp milk
40g hard cheese
salt (optional)

To make

Cheese omelet is a delicious and very fast Breakfast. We need a non-stick frying pan. Unfortunately, on a regular pan, this Breakfast may not work, because the cheese will stick.

In a cold pan pour grated cheese and turn on the stove to heat. Break two eggs into a plate and add one tablespoon of sour cream or sour cream can be replaced with two tablespoons of milk. Add a small pinch of salt and mix well. If your cheese is salty, then you can not add salt here. When the pan starts to heat up, the cheese will melt and at this point it is already stuck to the pan and does not move. Pour the egg mass on the cheese and spread over the entire surface. Transfer the flame of the burner to a minimum and close the lid. Cook until the top of the omelet is dry. When it becomes dry once again sprinkle with cheese roll omelet roll, and transfer to a plate.

The omelet has a cheese crispy crust, and inside it is very tender.

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  Published: 10/16/2019 8:52 AM

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