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Crab salad

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Crab salad


Cucumber (fresh) — 1 PC
Salt, pepper (to taste)
Mayonnaise (to taste)
Onions (small quarter) - 1 PC
Chicken egg (boiled) — 3 PCs
Corn (canned) — 1 can
Crab sticks — 250 g
Rice — 0.5 cup
Dill, parsley (to taste)

To make

I'm surprised that this salad is not on many sites and I specifically paid attention to it before writing this recipe. There are many like it, but not like that. Most likely, many people have long known this recipe but still suddenly someone will come in handy. To be honest, my two salads eventually turned into one. I used to make two versions of crab salad - one with rice and the other with cucumbers. As it turned out in practice, it is best to combine them together.

Boil rice in a little salted water, it is best to cook in plenty of water. I cook so that it was not strongly boiled, and slightly do not even cook. After cooking, be sure to wash the rice with cold water.

Crab sticks cut lengthwise and then thinly across.

Add corn. Do not think for advertising, but I prefer "Bonduel", because it is the taste of corn and crab sticks depends on the taste of the salad.

Cut the onion very finely and take a quarter of a small onion.

Add rice and finely chop the greens.

Fresh cucumber should be cut into cubes. By the way the salad is better to eat immediately, as the next day the cucumber gives juice, and the salad becomes sluggish. If You know that you will not eat the whole salad at a time, it is better not to add the whole cucumber at once, but reduce the portion and add it later.

Add sliced eggs.

Add salt, pepper and mayonnaise. If you do not like mayonnaise, you can season the salad with sour cream+mustard+sugar (a little). Get a new interesting taste.

​​​​​​​Mix - and the salad is ready! In the presence of boiled rice and eggs is done in minutes.

Bon appetit!!!

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  Published: 08/04/2019 4:25 AM

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