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Hash recipe

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To make

Hash recipe

Hash made from veal or pork legs in the Caucasus is usually served for Breakfast. It is best to cook it in winter. Legs (front) cleaned, cut into pieces, pour water and soaked for a day. Then they need to be cleaned, again pour cool water and, giving boil, cook 8 hours on low heat, removing the scum. No salt. 

In the middle of cooking you need to add 2 kg of the legs 1 onion, a little black pepper and a few buds of clove. It remains to strain the broth so that the dish does not hit the bones, cut the meat into pieces and return to the soup, boil. But traditionally, the meat from the bones do not separate. In a plate spread the bone with the meat and pour the broth. 

Serve hot hash with garlic, mashed with salt, grated radish salad, herbs. The indigenous people of the Caucasus eat this fat soup, scooping up the thick pita bread.

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  Published: 08/04/2019 4:56 AM

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