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Meat pancakes

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Meat pancakes


2 medium zucchini (About 700 gr.)
0.5 kg minced chicken
2 medium onions
3 garlic cloves
1 egg
1.5 cups flour
Salt and pepper to taste

To make

I want to offer you a very convenient, economical recipe for pancakes with zucchini and minced chicken. I add zucchini to make the pancakes bigger and tastier.

The first thing to grate the zucchini on a fine grater. Next, grind in a meat grinder or blender, who as convenient, 2 onions or 3 cloves of garlic. Mix all this with the zucchini, mix well and now add the chicken mince. Stir until smooth, then add the egg and mix again. Add salt and pepper to taste. Pour a glass of flour, minced meat should get such a consistency as a very thick sour cream.

Put the pan on medium heat, pour the oil and you can fry. Long fry them need as soon as both sides are covered with a Golden crust, you can remove.

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  Published: 10/23/2019 4:00 AM

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