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Lemon pie

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Lemon pie


A few lemons (about 4 pieces) or 200 ml lemon juice
Lemon zest (very little, a teaspoon)
3 eggs
Half a Cup of sugar
Two-thirds Cup flour
One and a half tablespoons baking powder

To make

I will share with you a simple recipe for a delicious lemon pie with lemon syrup. It is easy to cook at home, even the hostess (or host), which is not very often engaged in cooking. Let's get started!

Pie preparation

Take a mixer, and beat the eggs with sugar (half a Cup), stir in the flour with baking powder and zest. Here we have the dough ready for our delicious lemon pie. Now put it in the oven to bake, pouring into a greased with vegetable oil form with a diameter of 20 cm Waiting for the lemon cake about 40 minutes. The fire in the oven a small (roughly 170 degrees). Check the readiness of a wooden stick.

When lemon cake is baked, you do not need to remove it from the mold. Proceed to the preparation of lemon syrup.

Prepare the lemon syrup to soak the cake

Preparation of lemon syrup begins with cutting lemons in half. Lemon halves put in a bowl and put in 2 minutes to warm up in the microwave. Warm lemons will give more juice, we need 200 ml. Mix the juice with sugar to obtain lemon syrup, diluting with boiled water, if it seems sour.

The cooled lemon cake is separated from the mold and leave it in it. Take a sharp stick and stick holes in the surface of the pie. Pour lemon syrup all over the surface and leave overnight for soaking.

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  Published: 08/04/2019 5:26 AM

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