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Vinaigrette classic recipe

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Vinaigrette classic recipe


Sugar beet – 800 grams;
Potatoes – 800 grams;
Carrots – 250 grams;
Pickles salty -300 grams;
Onion – 0.5 bulbs;
Mustard – 1 teaspoon;
Oil – 5 tablespoons;
Ground pepper – 0.5 teaspoon;
Vinegar (9%) – 3 tablespoons.

To make

Today there is a huge number of different salads and snacks. One of the leading places is occupied by vinaigrette. It is about the recipe of the classic vinaigrette and will be discussed later in my article.

First, take a large pot. By the way, if You have a steamer, you can cook vegetables in it, even preferable, since vegetables retain more vitamins. In order to speed up the process of cooking vinaigrette, pre-clean and cut our vegetables. Fill with water a saucepan and boil her potatoes, carrots and a nice beet, huh. Cook vegetables should be for forty minutes! 

After our vegetables are boiled, let them cool down and start to cut them on the Board in small cubes. Add pickles to the process. Take out half of the bulb and finely chop it. Put it in the mug. In the kettle, heat the water to a boil and scald in a mug of our chopped onion. Onions as a result will cease to be bitter! 

Go ahead!

Put all the vegetables in a deep bowl and mix thoroughly. 

Then proceed to the gas station. In General, the classic vinaigrette is usually seasoned with vegetable oil, it will turn out, of course, tasty, but we will have a vinaigrette "you will not pull off by the ears". Take a bowl. Put it in mustard (prescription) and vinegar. Stir. Add vegetable oil (according to the recipe). Sprinkle with black pepper. Mix everything again. Ready!

Add our dressing to the vinaigrette. Our salad is ready! The salad was a good appetizer to the second meat dishes.

Dinner is served. Bon appetit!

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  Published: 08/04/2019 4:38 AM

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