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Watermelon-Mint Margarita

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Watermelon-Mint Margarita


½ cup sugar
¼ teaspoon salt
6 torn sprigs of fresh mint
8 thin lime wedges (about 1/2 lime)
¾ cup boiling water
8 cups chopped fresh watermelon
1 cup of silver tequila
½ cup fresh lime juice
¼ cup fresh mint leaves
8 thin lime wedges

To make

Try the classic watermelon and mint-flavored margarita in a new way.
Combine sugar, salt, 6 torn sprigs of fresh mint, and 8 thin slices of lime in a medium bowl; toss to combine. Let stand for 10 minutes. Pour boiling water over the mint mixture, stirring, until the sugar is dissolved; let stand for 10 minutes. Pour the mint mixture into a bowl, wringing it out to prevent it from drying out. Avoid dry substances. Combine the liquid, watermelon, tequila, and lime juice in a blender; whisk until smooth. Pour the mixture into 8 iced glasses; garnish with 1/4 cup fresh mint leaves and 8 thin lime wedges.
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  Published: 11/20/2023 7:51 PM

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